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Linking policy

RI welcomes Rotary clubs, districts, and other Rotary Entities to link to this Site. Any other individuals or entities interested in linking to this Site must obtain the express written permission of RI. Links may resolve to the home page, www.rotary.org , or to specific pages within this Site; and additionally:

  • Links must lead to whole pages within the Site. Direct linking to partial pages or individual files (i.e., images, multimedia files, etc.) is not permitted.
  • You may not use a Rotary International trademark, other proprietary RI content, or Site Content to link to this Site.
  • You may not frame any trademark or logo of Rotary International, the Site, or any pages and files. 
  • Links to this Site should not assert or imply an endorsement by or affiliation with RI.
  • RI reserves the right to withdraw permission for any link and to change this linking policy at any time.