2008 Honduras Trip

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From Aug 12 through Aug 21, Rotarians PDG Dr. Tom Sheriff and Scott Hendricks from TX/5790 and Brian Henderson and Mike Kiester from OK/5770 traveled to Honduras to assess previous Matching Grants and plan for two new MGs.


Executive Summary



  • Filter results continue to be positive and we have now heard from all five of our targeted villages. Based on multiple firsthand interviews, we have confirmed that filters from MG 60086 are in regular use, villagers are comfortable maintaining them, and the unanimous feedback is that have resulted in dramatic reduction or elimination of illness/diarrhea among the children.
  • Seventy wells funded by  MG 61919 have been drilled in 9 different villages, minimum of 2 and maximum of 17. While most wells are working, there are serious problems with lack of water in the dry season, leadership of a water committee in the villages,  and training and willingness of villagers to properly maintain the wells. Longterm viability of these wells is questionable at best.
  • The need for over 500 new filters in homes in the Auca area was confirmed, agreed with by the Health Dept, and communicated to our contractor, Aqua para el Pueblo. The opportunity is good for deployment of filters in this area with expectations of continued good results.
  • The agricultural proposal presented by RELATA looked practical and workable. They continue to appear to know what is needed. However, their proposal was 30% over budget. For the second time, we informed them our budget was firm and they will resubmit their proposal. Even with the reduction, I am confident they can complete the main objectives of the MG.
  • Aqua para el Pueblo said they need to rebid the project as their costs have increased in several areas. While we saw multiple examples of increased costs, we told them the filter installation count cannot drop significantly. They still appear to be our most practical and viable option as a contractor.
  • Brian Henderson and Mike Kiester  represented OK District 5770 during the entire trip. They were exposed to all the experiences and learnings necessary to make good recommendations to their District Management.
  • Prices for road travel and supplies are up significantly. We spent approximately $1k over the combined funds from the VSG and District  5770. Tom Sheriff and I covered the overage. The roads have continued to degrade from their previously horrible conditions. Unless improved, their potential impassability represents a serious risk to the completion of future volunteer trips and alternative air transportation will be explored next year. The size of our entourage will also have to be greatly reduced.



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